Countless hours spent spaghetti coding to work out your bugs, unexpected inputs, and flat out utter application inferno… Let’s face it debugging is something you’re going to have to be doing for the rest of your life as a programmer. The sooner you learn the tools that help you find the bugs in your code, the better off you’ll be in the long run. lucky for Rubyist there are many fancy debugging tools at our disposal. As programmers, we often have to mentally run code. We need to imagine how certain lines of code will behave given certain inputs. This…

Low-level learning — “Hello-World” x86 64 Assembly There are many, like several types of assembly languages. The most prominent are ARM, MIPS, and x86. Mips is on IBM CPUs and is found in Mac computers. Berkeley’s RISC style or reduced instruction set computer gave its name to the entire concept and was commercialized as the SPARC.

Why learn assembly you may ask…. “Because all code in the world becomes open source” Let’s learn a little about the underlining processes before we jump in: First, off intel or at&t syntax, jk….aka AT&T syntax needs to die in nuclear fire.

Briefly: Code…

Let’s see where to begin they say it all started back in 14000MYA, the BIG BANG — the formation of the universe… fast forward a few billion years, and now we’re here. I’m a total software noob-scrub writing a blog about the history of computer software. Transitioning into the tech space can feel daunting in the current age of tech FAANG this FAANG that…(Facebook, Apple, Alphabet, Netflix & Google) React, C##, python, java. The list goes on forever. I’m about to start telling people I only code in CSS! You may be thinking what I’m thinking; “what the hell is…

Franklin Sahlhoff

unexpected end of input

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